My why...

After losing my mother at seventeen, I became a licensed massage therapist and opened my business in 2017. Early in my career, I developed chronic pain including joint pain, fatigue, reproductive pain, digestion issues and inflammation that filled my entire body. I felt BROKEN...

I began taking steps towards living a healthy lifestyle and became passionate about self-care and discovered my own journey to holistic healing.

In 2020, I began coaching women and empowering them to take back control of their health and teaching them how to incorporate Self-Care into their daily lives.

If you are a woman who:

I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Call to discover the obstacles that are preventing you from living a JOYFUL, more FULFILLING life.


Megan Alexander

"I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Emily. It was super helpful, and eye opening. She was able to point out the areas that need improvement, and offer ideas and suggestions on improvement. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with Emily. She is so sweet, and genuine! Thank you so much for everything Emily!"

Gary Brennan

"Emily has made me a much better person and has made an amazing difference in my life." 

Jim Cermak

"Emily Rene is a brilliant ray of sunshine in a world that is often cloudy.  In my interactions with her, she has never failed to encourage others, lift others up, sought to solve problems, and brings authentic energy to those blessed enough to meet her.  If you need this kind of light in your life, reach out to her without delay."

Colleen Hawk

"Emily Rene is an amazing coach and entrepreneur. She has helped bring so much clarity to me. One of the things I really appreciate about Emily is her ability to quickly and effortlessly transform general ideas to beautifully stated words and phrases that help zero in on leadership and marketing. She genuinely gives from the heart and wants to uplift others. I highly recommend her!"

Cassie Hall

"Emily goes out of her way to make sure you are getting the help you need. 

She is a leader and a go-getter! I am so glad I met her."

"Find the courage within to face your fears and chase your dreams." 

-Emily Rene White