Massage Therapy


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Therapeutic Massage

This session combines the benefits of Swedish relaxation techniques and medical massage to promote relaxation and focus on relieving tension.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a specialized approach, helping those with chronic pain and assisting in injury recovery. Cupping breaks up scar tissue, promotes blood flow, and relaxes the fascia system, which results in better range of motion and decreased inflammation.


This session is a guided emotional release, combining Massage Therapy and Reiki. You will experience the benefits of physical touch while releasing any unwanted emotions from the body.




Emilie Walk

"Emily does such a great job. It's not just a generic massage that you get at a chain, but she really focuses on making you better. Her approach feel very scientific and based upon anatomy- she really knows about the body and the how's and whys of feeling better. I can't recommend her more!"

Deanna Koenigs

"Emily has a caring and healing touch. She works with you to determine what you want and need and provides a customized approach."

Leslie Glickman

"I have been going to Emily White for some time now. I have been to many massage therapists and I have to say she is THE BEST!! She really listens and takes the time to meet your needs and make you comfortable. She really has helped me tremendously with a lot of my problem areas. She is kind, professional and very skilled at massage. Her studio is lovely and so relaxing. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are interested in just a relaxing massage or working out the kinks!!! Love her!"